Academic workload: equal or not?

Is the Academic workload of MBBS Students in their preclinical years (2nd and 3rd year) harder than other medical courses or they are equal and the same?

Academic scale

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  1. Adeshola 54

    Maybe Yes…the only medical course that could be at par with MBBS is Vet Medicine when it comes to preclinical workload. First reason is, medical courses like MLS and Pharmacy stop offering basic medical courses (physio, ana and BCH) after 200L while medical students and maybe VET offer these courses till they finish 300L. Aside that, it can be argued that MBBS is the hardest professional exam in the world regardless of any kind of MBBS(1st, 2nd,…) so MBBS will have to have a very hard workload. Thirdly, as a Biochemistry student, I can categorically tell you that the profession close to Biochemistry students in knowledge of chemistry and molecular biology/medicine of humans are MBBS students and that’s to show that they are well drilled in their preclinicals compare to other medical courses

  2. Acquafortis8

    It’s not equal abeg… Here in OAU, it’s not equal.. BMS students comprising of Nursing,physiotherapists and occupational therapists,are finding preclinicals tougher than Medicine folks.. In 200L,physiotherapists and OTs offer same courses with the medicine folks comprising of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry… And they are mandated to complete physiology and biochemistry while in 200L whilst the Medicine folks extending their syllabus to 300L….due to this, the strain on nursing and physios coupled with the academic rigour is way too much… Asides offering the 3main courses, they(physios and nurses) offer courses like;psychology,electrophysics,computer science, and many other courses…

    The strain is way too much on Nurses and physios abeg while Nurses undergo the most rigorous of all…. While in 200L,they offer microbiology and parasitology and many other courses asides Anatomy, physiology and biochemistry… And when you go tru the syllabus, you’ll still realise its the same thing

    1. Gboega

      #Because someone is tryna shade my school and course#

      Responses like this are sub-primal na😔, how far😂, OAU for that matter again 😏, bros calm down.
      I’m a PhysioTherapy student, and trust me, it’s not cram and forget here, I dey roast MBBS guys with questions o😂😂😂(seriously, no think am o😂) .

      I’d have loved to explain stuffs but, I’ll just let this one slide as ignorance 🙂.
      P.S: It’s always guys like this that will begin clinicals and be saying nonsense during posting. Better focus on how to graduate from your course before shaking tables 😏. Your own sef Neva sure🙂

      1. Tylenol

        E be like say you get one or two problems with mbbs students before oo, this one that you’re taking it to another level…😂
        No come and pour your anger on me sir

        Continue drilling stuffs and be roasting them with questions✅

        It is well…

    2. Acquafortis8

      Mr calm down abeg… We are into these mess together and what mbbs students and all others say is.. Just score 50 and go… Do you think most of these things we don’t doesn’t apply to physios and nurses when they get to clinicals??

      Stop joking my man… There was a time Physiotherapy department was deliberating to extend physiotherapy to 6yrs so they can graduate with a doctor of physiotherapy and it’s not successful…. we use basically the same study materials…. So what’s the difference??

      Between, some of these guys don’t still perform the way some physio students do… I understand everyone believes medicine is the all rounder but you’ve got to go thru what nurses and physios pass thru first… If you think it’s just to pass and go, what do physios and nurses go practicalise in the clinicals as well??

      Stop joking abeg

    3. Adeshola 54

      I don’t think MBBS and nursing run the same syllabus in Biochemistry (e.g)… Biochemistry syllabus for MBBS is always wider than Nursing and other medical courses and using your analogy, that means Nursing students undergo more stress in 200L and 300L than basic medical students

  3. Acquafortis8

    Funny enough, physios and nurses also write board exams the way medicine folks do while in 200L…OAU board exam starts from 200L while some other schools start from part 3

  4. Gboega

    Honestly, questions like these are one of the major reasons we still have discrimination in the hospitals.

    First off, the courses are definitely different, so also the expected workload. It doesn’t make one superior to the other, as a matter of fact, it shows how specialized and we’ll developed such a course is in the country.

    In my school OAU, as far as Pre-clinicals go, Nurses have the highest payload(Those guys even do Maths in Part One! With Philosophy abi government☹️). However, Medicine students go In-depth with their studies, I mean, their Biochemistry and Physiology is on another level compared with the rest of those in College. However, Nurses tend to have it hotest when it comes to stress.

    One could say followed by those in Medical Rehabilitation (Physical and Occupational Therapist). They’re expected to cover the entire syllabus of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry. The pharmacology of course as expected is selective (they leave some topics not necessary, but pick some that Doctors, Dentists, and Surgeons don’t do in details). Asides these courses Therapists and Nurses begin their own special courses right from 2nd year, becoming quite tedious in third year.

    In as much as one might tend to side with some professionals not than the others, you would note that the marking scheme tends to be “stricter” with doctors, and dentists. You see more withdrawals in their own results than with the others.
    Even though they do just three courses for two years, their lecturers make no excuses for them, and expect them to pour out every thing possible from as many text-books as possible.
    In the long run, who does more work? you can’t say to be honest 🤷. Why should it matter though? Are we running the same course?

    Note to MBBS and MBChD: Don’t think you’re superior in the future and start quoting work for the others😏, stay in your lane, and all these controversies will cease. The pride of 6 years makes some of you quite irritating.

  5. precious_

    Hey love 💖
    Okay… Firstly, please keep me anon.
    The thing is mbbs, physiotherapy, medical biochemistry, nursing are all different… We are different part of health sciences and we are all needed for a better medical world. So obviously our workloads are different. I’m a medical student but I didnt feel that pressurized in my 200lv unlike the nursing and physiotherapy because they had stuffs in their syllabus for that year that I didn’t have…. Sometimes, we (mbbs) get to do more tedious work than them. We get more classes, taught more because we need them. So the main point is we should all know that our syllabus are different so no need for comparing. Mbbs feel they get more workload… I’m my opinion, it’s hardly true. The only stupid thing is incourses set close to each other.
    As an mbbs student, I see my friends in courses like anatomy read like mad due to test and all, and all I do is read to not lag behind.
    Workload of mbbs is not harder than any and neither is any harder than it. It is just that it depends on syllabus and how your school run the program. Because we do basically the same thing. I’ve been trying to let people see that. Most pre clinicals are really SIMILAR to what anatomy do and that’s what nursing and others do. remember emphasis on” similar” before people come for my head 😅.
    Advice to mbbs students : don’t let pride in your heart. You need people in other courses to make a better medical world for everyone.
    To every medicals : y’all need to stop this 😕. It’s sad to see people supposed to work together fight on who has things tougher🙄. Everything is tough, get over yourself. I know this because I was once in anatomy.. Now mbbs
    Ps: I don’t know if what I said made sense 😂😂

  6. Faith shulammite

    I’ll say equal… And I’ll speak for my course Firstly… I’m in basic medical sciences and truth it we are expected to have a good knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and MBC and in 200lv alone in anatomy we do thorax and abdomen in one semester along with 9 other courses comparing of blood physiology and excitable tissues… We also do an introduction to pharmacology and general introduction to MBC… We are expected to cover the course outline of these courses in 3 months while our folks in mbbs is just doing anatomy possibly upper limb for that full semester and some MBC practical.. While it is true that they go the extra mile in covering up those courses.. Like they leave no stone unturned in reading which I’ll gladly attribute to more time given… We have to think about that same upper limb and lower limb… Covering up same pages of the textbook they cover along with 9 other courses with same course outline…
    What I’m saying is we are under lots of pressure than the mbbs students… They have enough time to do justice to the course outline but we don’t… We are expected to know all they’d know in 2 semesters in 1 semester not excluding our own course pharmacology which they give them the whole of 400lv to focus on pharmacology and therapeutics m.. We don’t have time to focus on one thing we are expected to know everything at once in the shortest possible time.. Reading the same pages of medical textbooks for anatomy, physiology and MBC.. And also pharmacology within 3 years in medical school… Bottom line we have less time to cover what mbbs eventually covers
    And the pressure associated with that can’t be over looked… Also given that mbbs are given first class treatment as to their lecture conditions and how they are taught(more practical) … For us it’s hardly same
    If i could use a voice note.. I would explain better… But just get the point

    1. a.abdulsalam

      I agree that the course load might be much for some BMS or Allied health courses but comparing your course with MBBS is not the solution. MBBS students are given more time to study because they are expected to know it way better than any other course as they will be dealing with different situations in the clinic. MBBS students are not expected to be limited to only what they were taught in class. We are to read deep and wide as one of my lecturer would say. Come to think of it, your questions are not as tough as we guys.
      So u guys should pls stop comparing yourself with MBBS. We have our own too Kura

      1. Ayeni Joy

        I don’t know about others but I personally do not compare MBBS with other courses… But talking about knowing it way better than others is kind of not true.. taking MLS as an example, they have a lot of work to do in the clinic, doctors can’t carry out tests and at the same time attending to patients without needing a scientist.
        Although it depends on how the school runs their program but all other aillied health courses are also expected to know it too cause we can’t do without those basic courses so we aillied health have to Know it as much as the MBBS do
        Like I said I don’t know about other schools but in my school, you must not be limited to only what you are being taught in class cause you can not dispute the fact that MBBS need all other courses to survive… They can’t know it all, you can’t expect doctors to do what nurses and MlS do
        So to me I think all professional courses are being equal it’s just the academic calendar that is different
        All aillied health follows the general school calendar while MBBS have their own but still we do basically same thing and also try our best to be good at what we do
        We are also asked applied questions too……we all have our own to battle with so no need for comparison, we all need each other in this MEDICAL WORLD
        I don’t know if you get my point Sha

  7. Ayeni Joy

    I agree with shulammite
    In my school… BMS students are to cover the whole upper and lower limb is 2.5months and Thorax and abdomen, pelvic and perineum in 3 months along with other courses like 9 to 10 courses🤧🤧🤧… That’s stressful

  8. MoMo

    The academic workload being equal or not is actually relative. MBBS students usually have their own academic calendar while the other allied medical science courses usually follow the general school academic calendar. As such, the allied medical science courses usually have a shorter amount of time to learn a whole lot of stuff, thereby placing a high level of stress on them. MBBS students on the other hand have more time than they do, and as such are taught the preclinical courses much more “in-depth” and are expected to cover texts to have better understanding of concepts. One thing we should all know is that the method of teaching the MBBS students differ from that of the allied medical science courses. But at the end of the day, MBBS exams are harder. My school for example sets “applied” questions for MBBS students in order to determine our true in-depth understanding of the various concepts we have been taught.

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