James, Charles and I looked around the city in bewilderment. It was like we were in a totally different universe. The technology was wild and super advanced. We even mistook robots for humans. A night before, we were to travel to Puerto Rico and we got pulled into the future through the devil’s triangle. But then, were in Florida, year 3022, wandering around the streets to see if we could go back to 2022
“Whoa! If this is the future, I don’t think I want to go back to the past.” James said.

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We’re From The Past, A Thousand Years From The Past

“We just need to focus on how to leave this place and find someone that perhaps knows about the cursed triangle.” I said
“The first question is who is going to believe our story?” Charles asked. “Or maybe we should just go back to the garden where we came out from, fall asleep and maybe we’ll wake up from this nightmare because this is nothing more than a nightmare.”
“Nightmare? We were freaking pulled by the goddamn devil into this place. Who travels the devil’s triangle by night? No one! But we did!” Charles scoffed and a man beside him bumped into him.
“I’m sorry”, he greeted and was about to walk past us until James swiftly stood in front of him to alter his movement. The man stopped in his tracks and frowned slightly.

“Sorry, but my friends and I are stuck. Can you kindly be of help to us?” James spoke.
“Stuck, how?” The man asked looking confused.
“We’re from the past, a thousand years from the past. We were swallowed by the sea and we ended here.” James answered.
The man, already frustrated wanted to speak out in anger but took a deep sigh and replied. “I don’t understand your predicament, but I have to leave. It will soon be night and I have to get back to my house. Or you didn’t read the news that there will be a full moon tonight?”
My friends and I didn’t know what to say again but watched as the man hurried off. We tried to engage four to five people in a serious conversation to see if they would understand us but they were not ready to pay attention to us and kept complaining that it would soon be nightfall.

Does Lycanthropy Exist?

“Technology might have evolved greatly in this future but humans seem to be daft.” I said.
“How are we going to leave this godforsaken place? And why do they keep complaining that it’s almost nightfall?” Charles asked
“Well, it’s almost night. No one loves to work late in the night, don’t even think about reading meaning to it.” James snapped at Charles.
I looked up. There was a gigantic digital clock that seemed to be inscribed to a tall noticeboard, probably for everyone to see. The clock read ‘6:45’pm. It was almost seven and the streets were already emptying out. There were less cars, less people and activities seemed to be dying.
“I have a bad feeling about this. We should get a place to stay before night falls.” I said.

“Not you too!” James said. “These future people are just scared of the dark. Like you said, humans seem to be daft in this era. We’re from the past, we fear no darkness.”
“Thomas is right. The past is different from the future and to leave this place, we must learn to adapt. Everyone’s leaving the street, so should we” Charles said and began to walk ahead of us. James and I walked quietly behind him, the three of us probably wondering how we got ourselves in this mystery but too tired to speak about it. My son would be worried. By all means, I should leave here soon.
We stood in front of a mall, not knowing where to turn to anymore. I looked up and saw that it was 7pm already. The streets were already empty, even the mall was closed. “What now?” I asked in frustration. I looked around to survey the area, but all I could see was emptiness. “Let’s just keep moving. At least, the lights are on. They’ll guide us through the dark.”


Lycanthropy – Werewolves Amongst Us

Few minutes into the night, we heard noises. We stopped in our tracks and looked around us in fear. The noise came again and this time, we could hear it clearly. It was a howl. “From the clarity of the sound, it is near us and there’s only one animal that howls like this” James said, his eyes almost popping out of its sockets.
“A werewolf.” Charles gasped.

We all remained standing on the same spot, not sure if we should run or hide or wait to see what was coming our way. We heard the howl again and we still remained frozen on the spot, neither of us saying a word to the other person. Then, the howling stopped and we heard footsteps coming closer and it seemed the person was whistling. We saw who it was. It was a man, standing across us, looking at us aggressively wondering if he should come to us or not. While we still trying to process why he stood there looking at us that way, he dashed towards us in an animal like manner.

We took to our heels and without looking back, we heard the howl again. This time, we were already sure of the source of the howl. It was the man behind us. Not only was he howling as he pursued us, he also gnarled like a blood thirsty wild animal and his breathing was very fast. James tripped and the wild man behind us caught up with him, pushing him to the ground. Charles and I stopped and went back to save James from the wild man’s clutches. We saw as James and the wild man wrestled on the floor. The wild man pushed and fought hard in a bid to devour James. His movement was very fast, James could barely keep up with the man’s fists. I kicked the man’s head with my left foot but he was too strong. Charles picked up and landed it on his head.

How Does Someone Get Lycanthropy?

The wild man’s grip on James loosened and James pushed him away. We didn’t wait for him to recover as we took to our heels again. Soon, we heard his footsteps behind us again, more like he was sniffing us and following the travel of our scent. Right in front of us, we saw a woman in front of a cathedral church, beckoning to us to run into the church. She looked normal and in her right senses. Without hesitation, we ran into the cathedral church and the woman locked the door behind us.

“What was that?” James asked, yet to recover from the shock of him almost eaten by a wild man.
“They’re called lycans.” The woman answered as we all turned to her.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Men that think they’re wolves or some wild beast.” She continued. “Scientists call it lycanthropy. Lycanthropy is a mental disorder in which the patient believes he or she is a wolf and acts like one. For the past hundred years, we’ve been fighting against Lycanthropy. Even the government isn’t doing anything, because they don’t want to hurt them”
“What’s the cause?” James asked impatiently.
“That year, those psychiatric patients developed a form of mental disorder in which they were all depressed, like super depressed. Let me just say Lycanthropy occurred in patients with chronic psychosis. Some cases of Lycanthropy reported were related to neurological conditions such as epilepsy.

Time Travel At The Devil’s Triangle Is Possible

“No wonder the streets were all empty before nightfall.” I said.
“Are you all strangers?” The woman asked
“Sorry. My name is Thomas and these are my colleagues, James and Charles.”
“My name is Martha.”
“Martha, thank you for saving us but we are kind of not from this era. We’re from the past, like a thousand years back.”
Martha looked at them weirdly and affirmed why she thought their dressing was off-point. Soon, the trio were narrating their ordeal to her and surprisingly, she believed them.
“Well, this is the work of science”, she said. “Tomorrow morning, I’ll take you to a scientist, he’ll know what to do.”

When morning came, Martha took us to her home, made us breakfast and took us to the laboratory to meet with the scientist. She had work to do, so she left us with him and headed to work.
“I am Doctor George”, the scientist introduced and told him our names, then narrated our ordeals to him. “Well, it is simple”, he said. “You got here through a hole and you’ll return through the hole too.”
“Have you done it before?” James asked.
“There’s no reason for me to go to the past or visit the future but I’m certain it works. Time travel at the devil’s triangle doesn’t occur often but occasionally. Even if you travel there again, it might not time travel you guys. We can try anyways.” The scientist said.

Doctor George Set Us Up!

“Without wasting anytime, we’d love to go there now.”
“The thing is, since you traveled the triangle at night in your past, you’ll have to travel at night here too.” Doctor George said.
“By night? Those wild humans will be out tonight.” Charles said in horror
“Need not worry. I have a ship I can spare. No harm will come to you once you’re in the ship.”
The three of us appreciated the scientist for his generosity and when it was evening, he saw us off to the ship. Charles kept praying that it should work while James kept pacing to and fro. “What if this time around, we travel to the time of dinosaurs?”
Charles and I laughed hard but when the reality of his words hit us, we stopped laughing. Once it was a few minutes to seven, the scientist bid us luck and left.
“I’ll sail this thing.” I said as I held the helm. James gave me a slight pat and nodded. “So, comrades, shall we?” I asked as I looked into their eyes.

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“To the freaking devil’s pit.” James said and I began to sail. James remained with me while Charles decided to take a tour round the ship. The ship was quite big and had advanced technicalities unlike the type we sailed in the past. “We’re almost approaching the triangle.” I said.
“I’ll go and get Charles so we can be together in the control room here.”
I watched as Charles ran off and I looked up to the sky. It was a starless night and there wasn’t any moon either. Everywhere was pitch dark even as at past seven. It was only the light from the ship that was guiding our path. Then, I heard noises.


I heard quick footsteps and soon, James and Charles were in the control room with me and they locked the door behind them. I heard banging and pounding on the door afterwards as if some men were trying to make their way through forcefully. James and Charles were panting heavily and horror was written all over their faces. “What’s going on?” I asked
“Some lycans are on this ship, like hundreds of them. They were locked away in the engine room. I wanted to know how the engine worked, so I opened the door and they all rushed at me” Charles explained.
“Doctor George set us up!” James said. “He knew there were lycans on this ship and he didn’t say a word. He probably wants us to perish in the devil’s pit with them.” The banging continued and the lycans howled thirstily behind the locked door.

The Lycans Must Have Followed Us Down Here

I was about to talk but was interrupted by a strong pull that came from beneath us. “We’re at the Bermuda triangle already.” I said and held on to the helm firmly. I heard as Charles muttered prayers while James and I looked each other in the eye, not knowing what to say. Then, there was a loud thud and the door broke open. The lycans came rushing at us and while I held on strongly to the helm, my colleagues fought to hold them back. The pull came again, this time, stronger than the last. “The devil calleth”, Charles said and before neither of us could say anything, there was a final pull and the sea beneath us pulled the whole ship in.

I took in a deep breath and opened my eyes slowly. Everything appeared to be blurry so I shook my head lightly and opened my eyes again. I was in the hospital. Memories of the previous night flooded my head and I quickly looked around in a bid to know what happened. Where were Charles and James? A nurse came in.
“Where are my colleagues? Where am I? What year is this?”
“Calm down sir. You’re fine, you just to need to rest more. Our ambulance rescued you and a few men at the shores.” The nurse said. “Your family wants to see you.” She said and went out.
A few men? The lycans must have followed us down here. The door opened and my son, including my mother came in.

Lycanthropy – The Future In The Present

“Daddy!” He exclaimed in joy and ran to hug me. “You scared me to death. I thought you were not going to return home.” I hugged him tightly and was relieved that I was finally home. My mother smiled at me and I smiled back. “Charles and James are in their wards. They’re yet to gain consciousness but they’re fine.” My mother said as if she was reading my mind.
“What about the other men?” I asked.
“I have no idea”, she replied.
The nurse came in and I asked.
“Oh, they’re fine but still unconscious. Although, we need to run a few tests on them. They don’t seem normal.” She answered.

She said some other words but I was already drowning in my thoughts. In less than a week, my colleagues and I were swallowed by the devil’s triangle, traveled to the future, discovered lycanthropy, came back through the devil’s triangle and brought lycanthropy from the future to the present. I wondered if the present world was ready. I wondered if they’d believe us. Nevertheless, it did not change the fact that the devil’s triangle was more than a myth. It was more like an apocalypse, an end of times and a beginning of another time.


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