Why do I get bad grades even though I study hard. What am I doing wrong?

Hello, I need your advice.
Am literally tired.
I always study my books no doubt and I always prepare very well for exams.
But whenever result is out, it is like if I did not study or write at all for the exam. You know that feeling when u prepare very well for an exam but your grades are showing the opposite or are simply not measuring up.
I am just tired🥺😞Please help me

My Grades are not measuring up

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  1. Ibn_sideeq

    Orientation is what is lacking here . Proper orientation on how to read for every kind of exam/lecturer and praying to God is all med school needs

  2. Ak

    Everything needed in life is in the Bible… It takes one who has failed countless times to go back there and get what works. There’s 2 things any man needs to pass, either ‘the law’, or ‘grace’. The law is never complete until you rest. Ease the tension, be happy you’ve passed and be calm for at least 1 hour before hitting the exam hall. God was happy, rested and blessed the day of rest(the hour of calmness)(Gen 2:2) before the creations started taking form in 2:4. That’s the law
    Grace is when you’ve not prepared well, but you just pray, BELIEVE CHRIST HAS MADE YOU PASS, and BE HAPPY FOR YOUR GOOD GRADES THAT ARE OUT ALREADY and DO NOT PANIC even when you see tough questions, write nonsense or submit blank sheet, That’s grace. Adding the law with the grace is a sure Distinction.

  3. odesanmiayomide910@gmail.com

    To my own point of view, if such thing like happen to you as a medical student,
    Firstly, discover yourself, know who you are
    Secondly, you need prayer, before reading your book pray to God the owner of wisdom, knowledge and understanding and after reading pray to him again. I hope things will change better for you.

  4. Ak

    Another thing… Be calm even in the exams hall, write sentence by sentence, word by word, write at rest, that way you’re confident, even If you’re writing nonsense.

  5. precy30

    It probably can be as a result of one of these:

    1. You have been reading just hard not smart:

    You have to change your habit of reading. Discover what works best for you. You might spend 8 hours reading a course and may end up with a C while someone who spends just 4 hours may end up with an A. It just depends on smart work. Learn how to read smart. Make learning fun. Combining both smart work and hard work is the best. Students who seem to read less but still perform excellently well have been able to combine smart work and hard work. They are able to smartly figure out what they need to read to pass. They know they don’t have to read all the textbooks in the library to be able perform well.

    2. You don’t take a break when reading:

    You don’t have to stay glued to your book the whole hours before you can come out with A’s. Your brain needs rest. When you read for like 45 minutes, take a break of like 15 minutes before you continue. Don’t just bombard your brain with a lot of information at once. Take it bit by bit.

    3. You probably haven’t discovered the reading style and environment that suits you:

    Try to discover the reading style and environment that suits you. Some people assimilates best in a quiet place while some people assimilates best in a noisy place or probably with music on.

    4. You probably read just to pass an exam:

    Your reason for reading shouldn’t be based on passing an exam only. You have to read to understand. You don’t have the cram all the whole materials given to you. Understand them first. When you understand, you would be able to answer questions excellently well. Although, this might take a lot of time that’s why it’s advisable to start reading even before the exam draws near.

    5. You don’t know how best to answer a question:

    Learn the best ways of answering questions in an exam. Make friends with A flyers. Ask them how they do it.

    One more thing to add:
    Don’t read under pressure. Take things bit by bit. Derive pleasure in reading. Add spice to your reading life. Use mnemonics and the likes. You can get a small white board in your room to jot down things. You can get a color pen to highlight some important facts in your notes. Make reading fun and good grades are ascertained.

  6. odesanmiayomide910@gmail.com

    You can discover yourself as a medical student by knowing your reading and assimilation ability or capacity.
    For instance, a friend of mine in my school don’t use to read with multiple people because he likes reading a textbook like two or three times before he can assimilate well, so such a person you can’t see him reading with people that can read once and assimilate it very well because he has discovered himself
    In addition, know who you are, you don’t need to join multiple people why reading and don’t compare yourself with your friends, some of them can read for six (6) hours and you know the kind of person you are that unless you read like eight or nine hours you can’t gain anything.
    Moreover, I’m not saying you shouldn’t join your colleagues when but discover yourself first.

  7. Bankos

    Well, the best tactic is to first pray and read the bible. God will give you wisdom as He gave Daniel.
    Also, you can do exam simulations. Maybe pick a past question, and time yourself like as in an exam (or better still a shorter time), if you can remember at least 80%, you are good to go.
    You can even grade the questions and mark urself strictly, it will thoroughly prepare for the exam. But don’t worry, it’s a phase, it will soon pass

  8. MD

    When you read also pray to God to help you. You can also pray he should help you read right with understanding

    Another thing that can cause wasted effort is sexual sins like masturbation

  9. Nathanmackeans

    Find a study technique that works for you. I have personally tried several study techniques and each individual is different. Find the one that suits you best. If you have trouble understanding a concept, try teaching it someone the same way you would teach it to an 8 year old. This may be difficult but it works, you know for sure you understand the intricacies of a topic when you do this. Read about the Feynmann technique if you would like to know more. You could also use a tool known as Anki to create flashcards. It could be difficult creating so many initially but they are super helpful. They have the app available on Android and I personally recommend them. I personally study using pomodoros. It helps increase focus and reduces the risk of burnout or fatigue. The goal is to study smart, not hard. Find a way you can do more with less. Your grades will definitely improve.
    The moment you find one that works for you, stick to it. Always think of ways to better assimilate information as quickly as possible.
    Smart Work beats talent.
    Lastly, Google is your friend.
    Study deep, research everything you do not understand.
    Consider using study music (classical) or binural beats while studying. It helps me get “in the zone” and I couldn’t be more focused and receptive during study sessions.
    Productivity and efficiency is your priority.
    Lastly, and most importantly, Pray!
    Try getting a lot of rest before exams too.
    Just my opinion on the matter.

    1. LearnerXs

      Who. are. you? cos it’s almost as if we share the same mind lol. This is the exact same advice I’d have given. Especially about that Anki tool. Definitely recommend it. It can be a game changer when you’re smart and know how to use it well. I’ve also got problems with attentiveness so the pomodoro technique is like my saviour in that aspect.

  10. Support

    Do you approach studying strategically; I mean when you’re calm, relaxed and energized?.
    Do you study in a quiet environment and with a mindset tasked with studying a particular thing each day?
    Take for instance, if I don’t set mental schedule every morning before, when or after I wake up that includes studying and where to specifically study for that day, I won’t be able to read for the whole of that day.
    And I mean it. If I try, I will only be succeed at wasting my time.

    So the first thing I do every morning when I wake up, is to set a mental schedule;
    -Will I study today or not?
    – If am going to study today, where will I be studying
    – what course or topic must it be.
    These are things I must task my brain to do every morning or the previous night if I must Study. If I fail to task my brain to include studying on my “to-do list for the day” and dive into doing my chores for the day after getting up from the bed, that day end up being a wasted day bookwise unfortunately.

    The first step towards comprehending what you’re studying in order not to forget it is to mentally prepare yourself that you need to study.
    Tell yourself this is what you need to study today no matter what your schedule is, and that you will not stop studying it until you get a pinch off what you’re studying as an evidence that you have studied it.
    Don’t bother yourself so much about your pace and how little you have covered. Remember, you can study everything you’re supposed to study in the curriculum and be a master of nothing you’ve studied.
    Move at your own pace; task your mind daily into setting up a mental schedule of what you need to atudy; study it as though you mean it; when you’re faced with a difficulty – meet a colleague, senior or go to YouTube; utilize spaced repetitions – go back to what you’ve studied the previous week and see how many of it you can remember; Utilize Past Questions – Past questions are instrumental to your success at the end of Studying; Finally write down proposed synopses of how you intend to answer similar questions of what you’ve studied in an exam. Show these synopses to a mentor. Every Medical student needs a mentor – get a mentor if you don’t have one, it can be your classmate or a senior ahead of you. Let the both you discuss the synopses and allow him/her show you your errors. Take the corrections and work on them.

    And you will see yourself excelling in and out of the exam hall

  11. danielvictorkalu

    You answered this person perfectly.

    Before I became a medical student I saw medical students as “Demi gods academically” but now I have to understand that medicine is overhyped the only thing that makes medicine difficult is just the work load and limited time to study, medicine is no rocket science it’s very easy to understand and pass WITH GOD ON YOUR SIDE AND HARDWORK.

    For me my advice is make sure you study each day , don’t pile up lectures after each lecture make sure you study what you were taught that day and if possible run a quick revision on what you have been taught before.

    2)Don’t mount pressure on your self, some people read fast and can reproduce with just one reading, if you are slow type and you are the type that will need three readings to be able to reproduce don’t kill your self work at your pace and know your self

    3) condition your mind before reading, make sure for each time you are reading you are understanding, if you open your book to read and it is not entering close the book and do other things maybe at that time your mind is occupied that’s why it’s not entering.

    4) read with guide , use past questions to study , don’t go and be studying irrelevant things you Know will not come out in exam all in the name that you want to study wide .
    Remember you need to pass your exams first, medicine is broad you can’t acquire all the knowledge you need to know in one day.
    Study to pass your exams first that is what Nigerian education system wants.

    5) have mentors, have a study group people that can motivate you to read.

    6) pray before reading. God gives knowledge.

    7) Flex your life, I am saying this problem no dey Finnish .
    Once in a while drop your books and enjoy your self it also helps the brain , but don’t let the flexing outweigh your academics.

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