I have an issue and it’s concerning my menses

I have an issue and it’s concerning my menses.
I started when I was 11, I’m 17 now. When I started, it used to be for 6 days constantly and I think my cycle was 27-28 days (I can’t remember..).
The thing is, since I was 14, it hasn’t been constant again, like I’m not usually able to use the period tracker app to predict it; it’s only right like twice in a year or so.
I see my period for 6, 7, 8 or 9 days now. . .not that it will be heavy all through. It reduces to drops or stains from the 4th day before it completely stops.

Now my question is , its this normal? like I was told that it’s supposed to be within the range of 3-7 days and not exceeding.

And even my cycle self goes as far as 38 days sometimes.

I have an issue and it's concerning my menses

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  1. Waliyat ismail

    I also have an issue concerning my menses
    I started when I was 13 and it was very normal, no cramps,normal cycle,lasts for 3-4days and normal flow
    I’m 22yrs now and since like 3-4yrs ago,my flow has been extremely heavy that one pack of always is not enough for 2days and now since about a year ago,it now lasts for as long as 8days although the cycle is still very regular
    What can I do please??

    1. Isabel

      I think you should go to the hospital…. Well since it’s happened for like 3years now I think you need medical attention….and about the menses for like 8days straight are you on any dug or medic? Cause some antibiotics cause that, I once had my menses for like 12days straight and when I went to the hospital I was told to stop my medication(antibiotics). After stopping the drugs my flow went back to normal.

  2. Mimi Nma

    Okay… I have a question on this…. Normally my period flows for 5days but as of last year it reduced to 4 days…. I don’t usually count cos most times if I decide to count it won’t come d day I expect it to rather it comes a day or two days after..

    Now my problem is after d normal flow of 4 days… I observed a dark flow of blood…it doesn’t flow like period it comes out like a discharge but usually makes me wet…. I have treated myself thoroughly from infection so I don’t know if this is another form of infectionūüė§

  3. mabel

    For me@Mimi
    I do have such discharges after my flow to, its the wall of the uterus, like the little shreds remaining , so no need foe panic really

  4. 12345678

    As for the number of the, I think the normal days for menstruation is 3-11 or 15 days I’m not sure

    But about the cycle, I guess it’s normal for it to change once in a while due to some activities like stress, sickness or being too calm sef… Because I’m having problem with my own cycles sef

    But for the 38 days stuff I don’t have idea ooo

    1. Stellamaris

      11-15 days isn’t normal,I had an issue where I saw my menses for 16 days I was taken to the hospital,I was given drugs and even blood,I don’t think it’s normal

  5. Bigsam

    What we should try to understand is: there is what is called variation in human beings. In which certain changes occur in
    characteristics. Now those changes are actually not necessarily bad or harmful.
    Now, miss A might have her menstrual flow for 2 days which is kind of below the normal range. Miss B might hers for 5 days with is within normal and miss C might have hers for 11days which is now beyond the normal range. The fact that the duration of their menses are different in this case is a kind of variation. And the fact that one is below normal, one is normal and the other is beyond normal does not mean that something is wrong with those whose duration of menses is not normal. That’s just variation for you. But if she still feels insecure, she can see her doctor. I hope this helps.

    1. Bigsam

      It’s also the same with the duration the menstrual cycle as a whole. But the major factor responsible for variation in the duration of menstrual cycle as a whole is due to the variation of a particular phase of the menstrual called the proliferative phase. This normally last for 9 days of the normal 28-day menstrual cycle. So if this particular phase last for more than 9 days, then the menstrual cycle will be prolonged. I think is what’s happening in someone that said something about 38days in the previous comments. I hope this helps.

  6. Janelle

    I started taking (inserts)clanosten based on prescription, after my last menstrual cycle, when I finished the clanosten,I started noticing some brownish stuff coming from my vagina,I inquired and was told it’s a result of the inserts so the vagina is cleansing itself,so how true is it?

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