How do I successfully transfer from one University to another?

I have always wanted to do medicine since I was a child
I have a father who isn’t dead yet but hates my mother and everything that concerns her that includes we the kids
So all my life my mum has been my only benefactor.
I’m currently in 200L Medicine in Gregory University Uturu and my school fees in 1.552M i.e One million five hundred and fifty two thousand naira.
My mother is a Nurse and her source of paying these fees is borrowing, loans here and there. Which has changed our lives.
My family is in so much financial debt that I blame myself for being in school
My mother swore that even if she had to sell everything she had she would support my dream.
Life’s pretty bad now.
I got to find out that form my clinicals the fees would increase from the present cost to 2.5M naira
I don’t want to kill my mother🧎🏽and I fear dropping out.
So I thought of transferring to another school, either state or federal.
I’m currently in my second semester 200L.
I need all the information I can get on transferring to any other school and still being a medical scholar
I don’t mind repeating the year.
Med-zoneTV can you help me?🧎🏽


How do I successfully transfer from one university to another

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  1. opeyemi

    Ohh I suggest he or she transfer to another school based on transcript …. with his or her 100lvl CGPA and if not into Medicine ..he or she can transfer to other professional course …. physiotherapy …..or Any other ….to a federal school

  2. Reee

    You can try taking a direct entry exam now to enter 200lvl in another school…

  3. Olaitan

    I don’t think transferring from one school to another is easy most esp for medicine in fed uni and even state, admission into medicine is mostly feasible through jamb and low for DE talkless of transferring from one school to another.
    As per choice of sch ABU, Zaria remains the cheapest sch bcus for medicine they pay #32,500 and 200L upward is #30k but the issue is gaining admission bcus they’ve all the 19 northern state as catchment and ELDS and you know what it means especially for someone coming from far East,I’ll advice if the person can tight up in jamb and try federal uni there like unical,UNN,Uniuyo,UNIBEN,unizik, uniport which are cheap also bcus I don’t think there’s any that pay more than #180k in 100l and #50k in 200lvl upward. State school is unpredictable because the state govt may standup tomorrow and raise the fees or stop paying workers which may lead to unnecessary strike like cases of Lautech before,IMSU and presently KASU.
    If the person is to try DE route he/she should try A levels like jupeb/ijmb in the school he/she may be opting for.

  4. Wasberry

    I do not know about how you can transfer but I know a school whose fess are very cheap: LASU. I know about the fees of 100level. Since it’s a medical course, you’ll be paying around 57k. If you’re an inigene of Lagos State, you’ll be entitled to a bursary of 50k which means you’ll be paying roughly 7k as school fees. For the next 5 years also, you’ll be receiving the 50k bursary, so it’s relatively cheap. And don’t forget that it’s the second best university (and best State university) in Nigeria. So, it’s a good choice

  5. dammie

    : To be honestπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“,,, I can relate with this person’s fear But the truth is there’s no means of transferring from a private University to a public one

    No one will give the admission except she knows a very very highly placed person in the school ,,,still chances are at 1%
    Concerning the above, I have done a lot of research too and the only way is to
    Change department to either anatomy, physiology , graduate and do nysc
    Then apply to any State or federal University for medicine through D.E and continue from 200L for second class upper or 300L for first class ( though not all of them do it like this)

    If not let’s just continue to pray for our parents cos’ the debts ehhhhhn πŸ’”πŸ’”… It is well
    : Please hang on, God will see us through and send us helpers…

    ABU is actually very cheap but getting admission for medicine here is beyond your jamb and waec score if you know what I mean πŸ€•πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

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