What do you think of body shaming?

Body shaming is all around us. It is something that has become common in our society of today.  Judging has become such an automatic response that people tend to do it without realising it. When someone comments on another person’s body type, he/she doesn’t even realise with what intensity they are hurting the other person.

As a person, what do you think of body  shaming?

Body shaming


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  1. Maryjane

    I think body shaming is one of the worst things that can be done to someone.
    It can lead to serious depression, it’s a horrible feeling that no one has to go through ever!!
    Please, please and please people should stop this!😑
    Whether people increase or decrease in size it shouldn’t be your problem and the only thing you seem fit to always talk about around or behind them, because you don’t know what anyone is going through.
    It shouldn’t be the first thing you point out to people Everytime you see them, it’s a disgusting behavior.
    You might just see it as an observation but please keep it to yourself 🙏. Nobody asked for your opinion sir or madam!!
    Let’s all apply wisdom to our life actions 🙂

  2. Aderonke_nurse

    Let the truth be said…. There is not nothing like body shaming.. It is selfish interest….. We arent equal and we can’t be. Building our mentality towards that is not wrong am sure.Dnt let be misled….. Personal perception of oneself matters…. We can’t satify anyone

  3. makinde001

    There’s nothing like body shaming.be proud of whatever u have and whoever u are
    U will always find d perfect person for u
    They all want a deceiving look

  4. MaryamTJ

    Am a little bit chubby, not too fat and not slim but my course mates still body shame me and i do the same to them too till we all turn to laughing stock😅, whenever anyone body shame you, don’t take it serious and do the same to them. You can’t satisfy people no matter how hard you try, just try to be your self, take good care of yourself and your body and the best will come to you.

  5. Oyemhe

    It is WRONG very improper which has led to many bad outcome from both men and women……I realize that women are not the only ones being body shamed but they are the worst victims especially by their body shape and so called endownments….

    Don’t judge a person’s body,shape or size……it hurts and leads to different unimaginable thoughts….the emergence of ‘this will help u loose some belly fat’ has left a lot of women to be insecure about their body and go extra mile wanting the so-called curves that a woman should have…in society’s opinion.
    This is bad and should be discouraged!

  6. Treasurelove

    Body shaming is very very destructive.
    It kills self esteem totally. There’s this chubby baby in my church they started abusing because of her size and as she grew she became too conscious about her body and always looking down on herselfso i took it to her mum and told her to not take it likely with anyone calling her daughter fat. They even did it to me while i was younger, making fun of my legs and it brought down my self esteem and it’s something im still struggling with infact my greatest insecurities.
    Bottom line is body shaming is very bad and it should be stopped especially with small children because they take it to heart

  7. doc_kenny

    But why should they care what other people think of them, everyone is made unique in their own unique way regardless of what people might say they have been well created a magnificent piece of art work by God people shouldn’t talk them down like that. and it’s so funny if she did that coz of the talks las las the talkers don win

  8. Spartacus

    Frankly I don’t take this stuff seriously, because i feel that,no one can hurt you without your permission,let’s be honest here, whatever shape you are,people are always going to say sth derogatory about it,so getting a boobjob or butt enlargement isn’t really gonna change anything…the fact is YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, because once you do, no comment about your body will move you.,that’s my take on the matter ……………but I still like size 32D Sha🏃🏃🏃🏃coman beat me🤣🤣

  9. Bee Car

    Women should try to build their self esteem. They’re beautiful just the way they are. They should not let the society’s way of defining beauty to make them see themselves as inferior

  10. Mildred

    Yes I understand the body shaming aint good but we ladies have to learn to love ourselves first. I was pushed to do such at a point in my life but reconsidered it that my life could be on the line. If we ourselves are contended with how and who we are,the body shaming ain’t gonna mean nothing

  11. doc_kenny

    Some people just have damaged brains, because I don’t see why you’re just gonna see someone who is a person like you and mock the person over something they’ve got no control over, but that’s the shaming party cup of tea, it is left to the shamed hands to rise above the critics develop self esteem and consciousness and realize every BODY is unique in their unique way, there is uniqueness in all bodies one has to just be able to see it. We are all a masterpiece, a great work of art designed by God himself. Let the shamer keep shaming if that English is correct, just keep the heads high

  12. Tolaniject2021

    The thruth is God has created us the best way so we should be proud of ourselves and don’t listen to people and be with people that love us the way we are. We can’t satisfy every body and if we listen to what people say it will only destroy our self esteem.

  13. Adeshola 54

    It’s bad….very bad…I hate arguing with you and you try to say something about my height as your last defense…. how many lecturers don body shame me before (cos I’m a class rep)…I feel bad sometimes and I just laugh about it sometimes….on a general note, it’s very bad to speak to someone base on what they look like cos we can’t create any living thing not even as small as an ant(my dad taught me that)

  14. Bethylizzy

    This happens to almost everyone….Most people take the thin and slender as beautiful and the Chubby people fat and ugly which is not meant to be. I was always so concious of how my body looked like because people call me fat but as time went on I ignored them and learned to love myself so I think loving yourself is the first thing to do to prevent the negative talks from getting into your head. You guys can listen to Epiphany by bt’s Jin…it really talked about loving yourself
    #Love yourself

  15. Confi3908

    Body shaming is disgusting. God created everyone different and distinct. Every little detail of our body was designed by Him and it is very bad and devastating when someone body shame another, INHUMANE I’d say. People with bigger ass shaming the slim ones or guys looking down on ladies with “flat chest” as they would call it. Even to the tiniest details like moles on the body, scars or face burns whatever it may be. No one has the right to call the other ugly!!! It’s just so irritating, inimical. I particularly could care less if someone says stuff about me. Lol I’d just take it as a compliment cos it’s obviously time that such person took to notice me and my features😏🤭, I mean I’m that important🤤 We should all accept everyone around us the way they are. Who are you to judge God’s creation?

    Body shaming makes people go into a lot of unnecessary pain and stress. Like the women who go for butt enlargement, so sad they have to inject themselves with whatever it is and risk a lot of health issues as a result. The Male species aren’t left out too‼. God never makes mistakes, you are who you are for a reason😌 part of God’s intricate plan, a precious and perfect unique design. You look like you look for a reason and no matter how others make you feel, you’re just what He(God) wanted to make and until you lift your chin up head high, shoulder squared and tell yourself just how beautiful you are, you may fall victim of the society’s vicious bites in form of words.

    Anyone who body shames is a low headed dimwit‼ if you don’t treat others like humans that they are, then don’t expect to be treated like one🙂🤞🏾.

    Be happy😁
    Jesus loves you and you were made in His perfection 😉❤

  16. vetbaba


    As far as my faith is concerned, shaming people based on their body structure is totally condemned because, no one chose to look the way they looked right now…

    Logically speaking, do you think if i got the chance to choose for myself how to look, will i choose for myself a shameful body structure? And we crystal clearly know how man loves himself more than he loves other than himself…!

    So, those who shame others because of their body structure have got defects in their intellect…

    Yes! no one on earth had a discuss with The Creator on how he wants to be shaped… its solely the Will of God… He shapes and create what he wish… whether we understand the wisdom behind it or not!

    So those shaming people’s figure are challenging and shaming the authority and capacity of the Ever Merciful God…

    My advice to them is to rethink…and desist from such act…

    I rest my case!!!

  17. Euphorically

    When people say that people can only hurt you when you give them permission or that there is nothing like bodyshaming and we should just love ourselves, I laugh and cry at the same time.

    Our minds are not doors that we can lock and unlock at will. People that say these things have not experienced the kind of bodyshaming that cripples you mentally and makes you cry when you remember the comments.

    Before you ask a busty girl whether she is pregnant or if she has polymastia, think twice.

    Before you say that her body is 13/2, think twice.

    Before you ridicule her flat chests and flat butt, think twice.

    She is a human being like you, with thoughts and feelings.

    I vividly remember when a senior in my secondary school called me and told me point blank that I was ugly. I avoided mirrors for the whole term. I kept questioning my looks everytime I saw my reflection. Was I really ugly? How come I had never noticed it before? Years later, her comment still hurts me even though I know that I’m not ugly.

    I was bullied by vile anonymous messages targeting my body. I couldn’t sleep well for days. It still haunts me till today.

    Each time I take a picture, each time I see my reflection, I am reminded of those comments. My brain is constantly replaying them to the point that I’m scared that I might lose my mind! If I was to be abroad, I would see a therapist because I have crippling low self-esteem and inferiority complex that grows worst by the day.

    Whenever someone gives me a compliment, I perceive it as a joke or a yab. I feel ugly when I’m with my female friends and anxious when I’m with my male friends.

    My boyfriend told me he loves me and I ignored him. Not because I don’t love him but because I’m wondering what he loves about me. Is it the ugly face? Or the unbalanced, disproportionate body? He should be dating fine girls, girls with lovely, big asses.

    In conclusion, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything. I wouldn’t want another person, male or female to go through what I’m going through. I loved myself before being constantly shot with arrows of insults, anytime I tried to heal myself with self-love, tons more arrows would come flying in my direction. I won’t give up though, someday I’ll see myself as beautiful and deserving.

  18. Angelala

    I feel like everyone is mentioning that the social media has made us think that curvy bodies blah blah. To me, I thought the world’s wanted body was to be slim with slender hips and small boobs lmao. Now I’m hearing they said it’s curvy bodies. Humans and discontentment.

    I was bullied in secondary school for being curvy, lmao they would say they wanted to take me to the toilet to see whether I put foam there, some people will even say you’re doing excercise to be like that… omo till today I’m like a cold fish, very hostile because of low self esteem. till today gan sef still bullied for being curvy by my own fellow girls who are not curvy, it’s not about curvy. It’s about people.
    The worst one is if you nau have big stomach omo, are you pregnant are you this or that, later they’ll be the same people talking about body shaming.
    I have a friend who has anorexia because she was told she was curvy, now she can’t eat more than one gala before vomitting.
    Women themselves are their own enemies.

    My advice is to love yourself, God created you and said “it is good” therefore you are good, you are perfect and that’s all that matters, nobody else does, only God’s words and opinion about you his creation matters. People with cotton wool in their head, empty barrels, will be telling you shit and you’re listening, they don’t even pay your bills, some of those people can’t even draw or paint not to talk of creating a whole human.

    If you can’t create a human being, you have no right to have an opinion about how the person looks like.. this got long sorry I’m pissed.

  19. moyosoore

    The terrible thing abt this body shaming is that, it is everywhere. My younger sis of 12 year old will come back from school complaining abt her classmates calling her too fat, her laps re too big and so on

    Its not everyone that can deal with body shaming, let’s all stop it

  20. Israel Guembe

    Personally I’d say it’s pointless, seeing a comment as an negative or positive will all depend on the person’s perspective. I’ll use myself as an example here, I am usually told I’m slim and look like I don’t eat much and honestly it doesn’t even bother me in the slightest way cause I don’t care and it is true, I mean if someone says your slim or fat, have small or large ass or boobs, it doesn’t matter cause most a times it’s actually true but people see other people pointing out a feature of their self as uncalled which makes no sense cause human being are bound to criticize and compare things. My verdict on this is if someone refers to someone else as flat ass it is pointless to see it as such the only way it is wrong would be when the person uses that fact to aggravate the other person.

  21. Waliyat ismail

    Seriously it’s high time we ladies realised that no matter how you look u will still get body shamed.For someone who is endowed both front and back and not fat,i still get bodyshamed for being too short to be that endowed.They’d be like it would have looked good if u were a little taller(i’m a little above 5ft) , try losing weight(i weigh 56kg) so I’m wonder what I should lose again.We just have to realise that any body that body shames you is doing that out of their own insecurities

  22. Zainab97

    We can’t really stop people from body shaming, if you are chubby they will talk, if you lose weight they will still complain. It’s us who should learn to love and accept ourselves and don’t let anyone trample on our self esteem, if someone body shames you, sometimes silence isn’t the best answer, you should answer back to them and let them know how much you love yourself and how it’s none of the fvcking business, that should teach them not to mess with you next time. And we really have to learn to build ourself esteem, remember we are all someone’s spec. And some of us might have body shamed another person without even realising it especially our friends, let’s learn to watch what we say, whether she is fat or he is thin, it’s not really our business.
    Remember what Alessia Cara said;
    You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are
    And you don’t have to change a thing
    The world could change its heart
    No scars to your beautiful
    We’re stars and we’re beautiful

  23. Roses33

    In my opinion, this issue isn’t just about women.. Both gender are guilty of this.

    It’s true I’ve been told “you’re too slim, why are you this thin? Don’t you eat? Where is all the food going to? See bone everywhere” and so much more I can’t even begin to recount from males and females alike, when it is something I just can’t change.

    And the aspect of guys telling ladies to either get thicker or slim down is really fucked up. Just go for the size you want and stop pressuring ladies to do your bid all because of your selfish reasons.

    But self-love pulled me through the process. I was able to stand my ground and in a way, turn it around to see they are the problem..not me.

    It takes a lot to see you as unique.. But it has to be done. In fact, take it as a priority.

    Else, you’ll never be happy in your skin and in turn, do what everyone says about how to rock your body.

    Own your body. It’s yours to love first before others do. Shallom.

  24. Mhidey.Abd

    It’s just a shame people don’t really care about how you feel before they they make some statements.
    Body shaming happens a lot, even I was a victim.
    Low self-esteem is also not helping after been body shamed. I just hope we all get through cause you would only understand the pain until it happens to you.
    You will see yourself hating yourself, either u find it hard to stop staring at the mirror to check where it went wrong or you never want to see ur reflection at all.
    Still be who you are and think of it as motivation to be better.

  25. Muslimahnurse

    There used to be a time when I also thought that I was ugly and fat I start using different products just to lose weight but someone told me that no matter what you look like people will also criticize you and I should know I am beautiful just the way I am. A lot of friends also encouraged me telling me how beautiful my shape was and that anybody will be happy to have my type of shape. I started to think of becoming better for myself and to appreciate what I have. All I am saying is that it is not easy at all you just have to brush it off and think of those that are on the sickbed or your mates that are dead and appreciate yourself more, channel your energy on becoming a better person for yourself and no one else.

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