Spotting in Pregnancy

A 23-year-old woman presents at 13 weeks of amenorrhea.She is complaining of vaginal bleeding,lowback- ache and suprapubic discomfort. Routine examination of the patient’s abdomen reveals that there is supra- pubic tenderness. Examination of her vital signs demonstrates that she is apyrexial. Internal examination reveals that the cervix is closed. Urine dipstix is unremarkable.
Manage the patient………..

Spotting in pregnancySpotting in PregnancySpotting in Pregnancy

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    Amenorrhea simply depicts absence of menses. In a situation such as pregnancy or Bacterial/fungi infection, there’s usually absence of menses. This 23-year old lady demonstrates apyrexial, a term used to describe normal body temperature thus infection is ruled out as cause of amenorrhea because in situations of infection, there’s usually increased body temperature otherwise called pyrexia. PT complains of vaginal bleeding, lowback-ache & suprapubic discomfort; these are all signs pointing towards a high risked pregnancy. Bleeding in pregnancy is usually termed spotting &the suprapubic discomfort& tenderness could be as a result of spastic contraction of uterus. Contraction of the uterus at an early stage of pregnancy Usually results in spontaneous abortion otherwise called miscarriages; reason is usually idiopathic. Urine dipsticks is unremarkable thus neither confirming pregnancy nor annulling pregnancy.
    “`Management of patient;“`
    1. Patient should be placed on immediate bed rest
    2. Laboratory results should be ordered using whole blood &/or serum to test for HCG levels
    3. Seeing that patient may be pregnant, care should be taken in prescription & administration of drugs to prevent teratogenic effect on fetus.
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