Plot of Junko Furata’s story

Can you let a woman be on top you?
Can you let a woman dominate you?
Can you let a woman be your boss – career wise?
Can you!!! MED-ZONERS

Plot of Junko Furata's story

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  1. Hafiz

    Yes I can let because women you can’t control religiously it’s stated so I will allow her

  2. Hafiz

    To be the boss of me because we men are more patient than women so ill advice medzoner to let women be their bosses this will bring peace and harmony

  3. rubypearl

    Sure, I can let a woman be my boss career wise, but never can I let anyone dominate me or dictate my life for me…

    We are all responsible for the way we live our lives and no one absolutely no one be it a male or a female should deprive us of our right, no one should dedicate or dominate our lives..

    We are all humans and we make mistakes, terrible ones, but then that doesn’t justify injustice, I say no to injustice anywhere.. If I happen to have a boss (career wise) and then she is treating me badly or something, I will never keep quiet to such, I will speak and make sure my rights are been given to me… I come in peace

  4. akpososcar4

    Career Wise
    I don’t really think there’s anything there.
    Only people with unnecessary ego has issues with it.

    There’s something called professionallism, as long as the woman deserves to be where she’s, then there shouldn’t be problem.

    People having problem with it should have chosen for Men to carry them during pregnancy.

  5. Basheer

    Well, it depends.
    In the aspect of my career, sure, a woman can be my boss. But I’m other aspects, it depends. Just like all men aren’t the same, the same rule goes for ladies. Some might misuse such privilege.
    In other aspects, I can accept the fact that we both have a say, I might be the head of the family, but I’ll always make sure that her suggestions are treated equally. I’m a firm believer in gender equality and it’s fine for others to think otherwise 😌

  6. josephjetunde

    Yes I sure can, if she has the ability and capabilities to do so

  7. Ella Livie

    I personally think that before I let any one dominate me, I’d have to trust that person. I can’t let just anyone to push me around like I don’t have a mind of my own. And yes, as long as the woman in question is attributed to being on top, she can be on top. It really all goes down to the personality of the woman. You certainly won’t vote her into a position of power when you know she’s power hungry and ruthless. A woman can be allowed to lead or be on top or dominate you if she’s fit for it. Even in a family. If a man isn’t fortunate to have a good paying job and wife is getting well paid, I see no reason why the woman shouldn’t step up and help shoulder some of his responsibilities. But some men will never see it that way. They let ego come in the way of their reasoning. Remember that your wives are your equal in every sense. Get the word, ‘equal’. Yes, you are the head of the house but that is only a necessary precaution put in place by God so that there can be order and peace in the family. But as long as you are married, the virtue of marriage makes you equal to your spouse. Remember that “two people leave their families and become one”. So in a situation where one member is found lacking, the other should be able to step up and meet the family’s needs.

  8. Celebranda

    Gender should not be my issue here📌. Over the years, women of substance have existed and demonstrated career-leadership prowess. Names abound; historically or biblically.
    I prefer being under a woman of substance and make waves of successes to ruling my world sheepishly. I call it standing on the shoulder of the giant.
    After all, when my mother reigned in her grooming leadership was when my sense of career picked up light 🏮.

  9. Hasheer

    Well…this question requires a simple answer…so, Yes!!!
    But all i can say is if she doesn’t fit…No!

  10. Thankz

    It’s okay for a female to boss me.. Especially a qualified personnel in a place of work.
    It’s acceptable.
    The only time it gets intolerable is when she’s the boss with an outrageously bad character, without apology.
    I would feel very bad. Especially if it humiliates me.
    And if the lady is younger.. And does this.
    I think at this point, if the work isn’t self sustaning.. I’ll resign

  11. ABM

    The Bible says women should honour their HUSBANDS not all men….
    These issues aren’t even debatable
    A woman can be a boss over a man just as a man can be over a woman provided we respect one another,it’s professionalism.
    Men should stay away from this sense of entitlement and go and hustle or start a business if they can’t allow a lady as a boss over them.

  12. DlamaTheGreat

    Gender should never be a factor when it comes to such. Competency is the real factor.
    Being a woman doesn’t make her inferior at all. As long as she has the required skills to lead effectively, it is okay.

  13. drwaters

    I am of the opinion that gender equality is needed in this generation. If a woman deserves a position, she SHOULD be there. In marriage, I don’t support a woman being a slave to a man because they’re married. Every human is equal; her opinions should be taken into consideration and she SHOULD make decisions for herself.

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