Understanding Change: The only unchangeable Entity

Understanding Change: The only unchangeable Entity

What is the concept of change?

In defining and exploring the concept of change, we have to understand that the only constant, universal and inevitable thing in the universe is change. The moving of my ink to form letters, the spacing of my words to form sentences and the movement of your eyes to read is a basic and unrefutable example of change, while other fields of abstract disciplines must evolve and cannot be stagnant, in other words requires change; change requires none.

Why is the understanding of change so important?

From the smallest atom, to the wide universe; change is constantly seen in everything. In regards to human relations, morality, ethics and ways of life; to understand the concept of change in those aspects we first have to be able to recognize and identify change, it’s usefulness in our day to day activities, the principles as well as benefits of understanding change and the footprints it leaves in every aspect and area it touches.
Change does not revolve around the world, the world revolves around change, the world needs and requires change. Humans are constantly moving, constantly adapting, always finding new ways to utilize the benefits of change. From the small movement of your arms to the big achievement of your dreams, change never stops being useful.

Why should we accept change?

Utilizing, welcoming and responding to change rather than reacting, denying and resisting change has been the hall-mark of successful people. The best people in every field are not only  the smartest or the  most intelligent they also are the ones who are the most responsive to the smallest of change. Each time change comes either in form of the death of a loved one, hopes cut short, loss of one’s job, disappointment in various aspects of life or even promotions, life style changes, securing a better job, growth and development.

An example of understanding change?

Growing up wasn’t as rosy for me as it was for most people, there were no glaring opportunities, chances or even mentors to help you see them when they occasionally passed by. There was no one to look up to or confide in, going into details would bore you. I could have used that as an excuse and a reason to accept my life as it was, left everything to co-incidence, ill- luck, and lack of parental responsibility on my parent’s path, but while all those things were and are stilI true.

The most crucial aspect of all these things was how i perceived my situation and my will and determination to change it. Ill-winds of change was a constant part of my troubled upbringing but what mattered was if I was going to stand stagnant, leave everything to luck, blame the weather and the world and let the wind blow me away or find a way to master the direction it was blowing in other to make it help me get to where i want and hope to be.

I am not saying it was a smooth sail or that i never complained or wondered why i got the short end of the stick in life, i did and i sometimes still do, but it is this anger that has become my driving force towards the achievements of my goals and dreams. Life, which is an agent of change gave me the short end of the stick but I have now mastered and understood change enough to demand from it the power and zeal to go and look for bigger and better sticks to help me rule the whole god-damn forest, if you get what I am trying to say.

How do people react to change?

In life, I have always noticed and observed that people do two things when they encounter change; they either accept change, welcome it and use it to their benefit or deny, refuse and ignore change which we all know is next to  impossible. The former uses change to define, refine and improve himself which helps him become a better and a well-rounded individual, while the latter becomes angry at change, the world, his god and himself which in turn leaves him with pent-up emotions that limit his thinking and views on everything.

Is everything constantly changing?

In other for us to accept change and use it we first have to realize that everything changes constantly and that change has natures and characteristics. We have to know that while you cannot control change, you can control its impact and the effect it will have on you, which  makes you an agent of change. Indeed your choices might determine the kind of change that comes to you. Choices are harbingers of  purpose which when being sought after will bring change at every step of the way. Yet, even being purpose-less and stagnant harbors its own traces of change. You can not cheat or hack change by hoping to remain the same, change will come regardless of  where or when we want it to.

Understanding Change

In the end we all have to acknowledge the fact that our choices and even absence of it thereof invokes change and the only way to be on the good side of this unstoppable and dominating entity is to understand its principles, purposes, reasons and nature.

Change: The only unchangeable Entity

Writer: Yakubu Fame
Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Nigeria.

Fame Yakubu is a professional at sparking emotions with words. A word-artist who paints pictures with the tip of his pen.Though young, he thinks and writes like one with enough experience to keep you forever glued to his write-ups. A  Law student from Ondo State, Nigeria with a mind as boundless as his words.


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    Very nice, perfectly discriptive write up. Truly the only constant entity in life is really change.

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