In 1878, a now very popular scientist;Thomas Edison began working on improving the electrical illumination system,what we now call the electrical bulb.Before that time,the electrical bulb had already been invented,but they were not fit for large scale commercial use.Thomas Edison saw this problem and decided to correct it.The popular story remains that he had tried a thousand times before inventing the electrical bulb. I think this story was propagated to provide a lucid picture of how much consistency Edison had put in his work. History has it that he had tried using for filaments; cardboard, grasses and bamboo before he finally got the right material. Today,you cannot speak of electrical bulbs without making references to Thomas Edison.This is how far consistency can bring you in life.
Consistency is the virtue of continuing something,the ability to replicate a process.It is the quality of not giving up.However it is not the same as stupid repetition; consistency is not just trying the same thing over again but inputting new ideas to achieve better results and this very virtue Is pertinent for a success driven Life.
The problem of the common man today is that we give up on things so easily. Some people go seeking for jobs and after few turn downs;they give up. some others go for particular examinations and after a few unsuccessful trials;they give up.This is not a success driven attitude. Success doesn’t come by giving up,it comes with consistency.The sooner you see your failures as stepping Stones to success,the closer your success story becomes a reality. Since time immemorial success has never been cheap,it had always come with a price and to pay such price, consistency is paramount.
There’s a clear distinction between the average and the successful; this distinction is simply bridged by consistency.If you want to be very successful at something,you should be consistent at it! Marie former said “success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally,it comes from what you do consistently”
Consistency gives you new ideas to try, provides you with more experience as well as help build your reliability.
If you doubt the power of consistency,you should ask Abraham Lincoln; who lost various political races only to become the president of the United States in 1861. Why? He was consistent! Ben Carson struggled academically back then in elementary school,but then his mother encouraged him to study and he became consistent with it and today medicine isn’t fully discussed without mentioning his name. Name them, successful individuals have always been consistent in what ever they did.
It may be disheartening and so painful to experience failure,but then look ahead;get your shot at it again,keep trying new ideas until you get it.I assure you the whole world will hear of you!

Written by Onyekachi Solomon aka Mr_Unique, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, NIGERIA


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  1. Gbemisola

    Very nice write-up
    It’s really inspiring
    It’s a pity most of us give up so easily

    1. Unique

      Thank you very much.

      A lot of inventions and breakthroughs have been achieved by individuals who learnt to be consistent with what they do.
      This virtue is very much necessary for success.

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