Would you allow a male OB GYN with a sex scandal examine you?

Would you allow a male gynaecologist with a sex scandal examine your wives/fiancees/daughters?

Would you allow a male OB GYN examine you?

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  1. Bethylizzy

    Never!!! I won’t let you look at my wife/ fiancee/ daughter’s buttocks ooo
    But if the situation is threatening I’ll follow you into the ward and stay there with them but if I’m not allowed..I’ll make sure so many people follow the doctor inside.
    And if I’ve known about his sex scandal before I’ll not even bring them to your hospital and if the doctor tries anything funny I’ll ask for his license to be revoked

  2. Bilal Mustapha

    It depend on the situation we found ourselves. let have myself and my wife for example, if to say there’s no any hospital near, or he’s the ONLY professional physician present in the hospital and he’s assign for the consultation. In that case I’ll look for alternative but, if there’s no any alternative I’ll definitely allow him to go on and cheak on her. Because I’ll prefer him to have whatever he desires on her than to loose her.!!

  3. meeeee

    If I was a guy, Nononononononono!
    And I’ve realised that men are more passionate about gynecology than women are.
    I know a handful of boys that have been chanting “I want to be a gynecologist”, as far back as 100L.
    Any specific reason?
    I feel women should be more in that field. It’ll make the patients more comfortable as regards consultation and examination.

    1. Mahmud Idris

      Yes I agree that guys nowadays are more interested in gynaecology than the ladies, I think the reason why guys go there is because it is the specialty that is trending now and people believe is a place you can make easy money

      It is quite weird that most of the ladies don’t want to specialize in gynae. Why?…well some said it’s time demanding.

  4. Mahmud Idris

    Well, in a situation like this I can allow him to check my wife/daughter or fiancee but in the presence of a trusted chaperone

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