What should i do, my manhood is smaller than it should be?

Please my manhood is smaller than what it should be at my age.
I’m 18 and the size of my penis is about 3.5 inches after an erection.
What should i do about it?

What should i do, my manhood is smaller than it should be?

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  1. francis

    good evening med zone.
    Relating to this question, it is evident that young males start to be curious about their penis length especially from 17 year.
    The penis as The male reproductive organs grows on its own. Some school of thought thinks that an average penis length starts from 5cm when erect and at 3cm when flaccid.
    In contrast, penis length differs in individuals and cannot be elongated by any means except surgery(Which is not worth it). The fear of having a shorter penis is Normal among young males. I was a victim too but got to 6cm at 20.
    My advice is to eat healthily and don’t take any supplements or enlargement oils because they don’t work(they are just there to extort money from gullible and desperate males). If you are afraid of having a penis that your partner won’t be satisfied with, device means of making her reach orgasm apart from vaginal penetration.
    The same way everyone has different sizes of breast is same way our penis size differs.

  2. Spectra10000

    believe you would have already done some research yourself on this but let me say a few things.

    If you are worried about your ability to please a woman in bed, then you don’t have to fret so much. Enjoyable Sex is more than just continuous penetration. In fact on average one would cum around 5-7 minutes of penetration so your penis size won’t make you last longer or make the sex more enjoyable for both partners.

    If you’re worried about yours being smaller than your peers, then you just have to think more on improving your sex game.

    From my research, improving the length and girth of the penis surgically ( removal of suspensory ligament of penis for length and implants for girth) and/or non-surgically (oil, pills etc) doesn’t really bring satisfying changes especially when weighed with the complications(erectile dysfunction, weirdly shaped penis etc) involved (surgically).

    Non surgical methods don’t actually work!

    A remedy would be boosting your Growth hormone or testosterone levels before leaving puberty(or before 18yrs)

    Loosing weight if you’re fat would help reveal more of your penile length.

    You can improve your sex game by learning semen retention so that you can penetrate for longer. Learning foreplay, effective positions and the likes to please her better

    You need to stop feeling bad that your size is smaller than your brother or friends. *It’s not a micropenis(* 2.8 in) or you might have just gotten the measurements wrong. You are not inferior to them. It’s just the way society has hyped “the greater the size the better/ more manlier you are” notion in our heads.

    which is logically better option to enjoying sex for both partners?- A 5 minute man with larger than normal penis or a 30 minutes to hours guy with an average penis?

    In fact study shows that women prefer girth to length and enjoys sex based on how well you’re good at it and not necessarily the size down there…

  3. Adeshola 54

    According to study, penis stops growing at the age of 21 thereabout and average size of an adult penis is around 5 inches(length) so you are just 1.5 lower than the average size. I was once worried too when I was younger but I couldn’t be prouder with my size at 21. You can visit a physiotherapist or an urologist for counseling

  4. Yungcaptain

    I would say you should chill for now.

    Don’t get disturbed with it.

    Give it time.
    Am sure by The age of 25, it would have increased.

    Your spouse should be the one to complain about it not you, I guess Sha.

    When you are with her and she doesn’t appreciate the length, then you seek medical advice on how to increase it without any negative effect on your penis.

    And am sure you cover your self with clothes when going out, so no stigmatization is involved.

    Just chill man

    I was once reasoning like this too.

  5. shilexy202

    As funny as it may sound, it might not be any kind of defect as far as you are not having weak erection or early ejaculation. It might just be your own body and as we all know fat people tend to have smaller dick , while short guys tend to have big dick. Well this might not be the case but I think there’s no cause for alarm except your partner is complaining or there is an accompany issue. Though small dick might make you lose self confidence and give you low self esteem which might affect you psychologically. There is a remedy to it if you are not comfortable with it, you can buy dick oil, herbal drinks or even pills that can help you out of your situation. I’m a vendor of dick oils which is very effective, so if you are looking to buy. Hit me up 08123066320. We deliver nation wide.

  6. Maxmedics

    Dear medzoner,
    Well, delayed puberty is a general cause of this problem by if u check ur body and other sites of puberty development are moving fine except ur reproductive organ then it can be caused by hormonal imbalance i.e excess of female hormones over male hormones
    2. Underproduction of puberty hormones and growth hormones
    3. Chronic illness or disease or any medical report that might be generational
    4.chromosomal imbalance…Gene mutations
    5. Any case of accident which might have damaged ur organs knowlingly and unknowingly

    But for remedy, u need to be on a diet to improve ur puberty development and pls drugs ,enlargement cream or oils of any sort should be the last resort and it must be from a qualified medical personnel pls to avoid complications but it is not even advisable to even take enlargement creams to avoid problems.

  7. Tara

    I heard some medical problems like asthma,hormonal disorder,or even sickle cell disease causes delayed puberty.
    You should see a urologist.

    As the other medzoners have said,have hope.
    You’re still 18.

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